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  • Do The Peppermint Twist at New Hope Diner!

    The exterior of the diner. It’s open 24/7 so even when there isn’t a live performance, you can chill and reminisce about diners in your past.

    By Netera Landar

    You can’t have a grid without a diner. Knowing that, CTM Underwood rolled up his sleeves, slicked back his hair, put on a clean white t-shirt and blue jeans and got to work building it from scratch.

    You’ll find it on the Entertainment V sim and you’re going to love it’s period charm and roomy dance floor. Singer Austin Moores already performed there and the Angels love it.

    Vintage cars are parked on the lot. Can you name the make and models?
    The grill is hot and ready for hamburgers. Have a seat at the counter with your friends.
    The large dance floor is perfect for live performances. TP in and have a great time!
    Austin Moores’ promo sign and plenty of free clothes that will make you feel you’ve traveled back in time.
    How cute is that? Car couches and a banana split couch.
    If you’re seeing robots, you’re not in the Twilight Zone. The diner has three resident robots and they have their eye on you.


  • New Hope Christmas A Welcoming Sim

    By Netera Landar

    Teleport to New Hope Christmas sim to get into the holiday spirit. You’ll find everything from Christmas clothing, bumper cars, ice skating and lots of very busy elves. Chances are you’ll find the big guy himself taking a break from his seasonal job. You’ll find his lovely wife serving him cookies and hot cocoa. Follow the pathway to view the Christmas swan contently swimming. Grab a golf cart if you’d rather ride than walk.

    One can only imagine the time spent rezzing this adorable Christmas collection of CTM Underwood, the co-owner of New Hope Grid. He, along with Southern Destiny, established New Hope in 2020.

    When you begin to explore the sim, you’ll find a room with two walls of Christmas clothing.
    Just beyond the clothing room is a Christmas fountain with candy canes, an adorable teddy bear, a dancing Santa, candy cane arch and a small train.
    In the Christmas barn you’ll find Santa and his wife after a long day of packing presents. A carriage driver and a horse await the next rider.
    Take a ride on the bumper cars. No need for virtual insurance.
    Reindeer and I are standing next to a winter log cabin while a group of elves brave the cold to make a snowman.
    Snow gathers on the roof at the Elves’ Winter Lodge.
    The old woman in a shoe is out Christmas shopping.
    The sign says it all. Behind it are a group of Christmas carolers.
    A swan contently swims through the cracked ice of a pond.
    An A-frame cabin provides a comfortable setting for the homeowner.
    A decorated Christmas bench complete with presents. All aboard Santa’s Express Train in front of the station.
    Animated skaters enjoy the ice rink while nut crackers stand guard.
    The Christmas dance and ugly sweater contest will be held here.